About Me

I am a native of Hong Kong, but I am also a Cuban. I am a Hakka Hong Kong native. I was born in Hong Kong in the 1980s. I spent my childhood in the beautiful Caribbean island country of Cuba because of my father’s relationship. After that, my high school and university were finished in Miami. It can be said that I have both the characteristics of Hong Kong people’s hard work and Cubans’ love of life.

Cuba not only brought me a good childhood, but also taught me a passionate life, I love her arrogant and colorful. Of course, the favorite is a cigar full of gentleman taste. Growing up in Havana, the capital of cigars, I have been fascinated by cigar culture since I was a child. After I was an adult, I was further aware of cigars in Miami across the strait and understood the cultural connotations behind it.

A few years ago, I graduated from college and returned to Hong Kong to work hard. I suddenly came up with the idea of ​​bringing my favorite Cuban cigar to Hong Kong cigar smokers. I am studying e-commerce in the United States, so I naturally choose to take the road of entrepreneurship. I have the best cigar supply channel in Cuba and how to bring goods and services to customers through the Internet.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of a group of like-minded friends, VIP cigars have grown to become the world’s largest “cigarette” for cigars.

We always treat every customer with sincerity and send the best and most authentic Cuban cigars to every cigar enthusiast.

Thank you!